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WACKER launches new silicone solutions in China

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On March 19, at the 2021 China International Battery Technology Exhibition (CIBF), WACKER launched a series of silicone solutions for electric vehicle battery packs.

   Among them, SEMICOSIL 96XXTC series of low-density thermal conductive gap fillers can not only meet the requirements of lightweight, but also help reduce costs, and can meet the needs of automated production. ELASTOSIL RT 7XX TC series low-viscosity thermally conductive potting glue has excellent fluidity and can penetrate into small gaps well. It is an ideal material for potting protection of power components of vehicle chargers.

   The weight of the battery pack system of electric vehicles accounts for more than 20% of the weight of the vehicle, and the cost ratio is as high as 30% to 60%. WACKER’s SEMICOSIL 96XX TC series of low-density two-component thermally conductive joint fillers not only conform to the lightweight trend of battery packs, but also reduce the material usage costs of battery factories and vehicle manufacturers, and are very suitable for electric vehicle batteries, electronic controls, etc. Thermal conductive gap filling of key components.

   Compared with traditional thermal pads or thermally conductive gap fillers, SEMICOSIL 9620 EV TC has better aging resistance. After a variety of severe long-term aging (such as high temperature and high humidity, thermal shock and 145 high temperature for 2000 hours), its key indicators can remain stable, so the service life is longer. Due to the automatic dispensing process instead of the traditional manual bonding method after cutting the gasket, the SEMICOSIL 9620 EV TC product can be spread under pressure before curing, and the sealing effect is better. On the one hand, the heat transfer effect is significantly improved, and the other The assembly stress is smaller.

   Other highlights of WACKER at CIBF 2021 also include ELASTOSIL RT 7XXTC series of low-viscosity thermally conductive potting compounds.

   This series has a variety of products, with different thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity from 1.2W/m.K to 2.0W/m.K), viscosity and hardness, which enrich the choices of customers, and can also be customized according to customer needs. The ELASTOSIL SC 8XX series of automatic dispensing silicone styrofoam developed by WACKER provides a reworkable solution for battery pack sealing. On the one hand, the products are automatically dispense by the dispenser, which can realize automated production. On the other hand, the glue is only bonded to one cover plate, and the upper and lower cover plates are fixed and attached by bolts. When repairing, just unscrew the bolts.

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