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Dimethicone Emulsifier

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Dimethicone Emulsifier This product is made of special polyether through compounding and polymerization. In the production of silicone defoamer, it is used to emulsify dimethicone. This product has unparalleled convenience as an emulsifier for dimethyl silicone oil, no need to add other emulsifiers during production; it has good stability and can easily emulsify silicone oil at room temperature.

In addition to the surface activity of modified polysiloxane, this product also has special antifoaming and antifoaming performance, which can increase the antifoaming time of silicone antifoaming agent. This product has high temperature characteristics and can be combined with polysiloxane to form a high temperature defoamer. It is suitable for occasions where it is not suitable to use general silicone oil emulsion and general silicone oil emulsion is incompetent.

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