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What are the characteristics of high-performance silicone resins?

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What are the characteristics of high-performance silicone resins?

Silicone resin is a very important kind of modern chemical raw materials. The processed products of silicone resin have many uses. The application fields of different silicone resin products are different. Nowadays, with the continuous development of silicone resin products, silicone resins have It has become a hot-selling material, so what are the characteristics of high-performance silicone resin? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

The unique Si-O-Si-O main chain of silicone resin creates particularly good resistance to high and low temperature, wind erosion, oxidation and water resistance, good electrical and dielectric properties, and outstanding arc and electrical breakdown resistance. Ability and good thermal conductivity, silicone resin has been widely used.

Silicone resin can still maintain excellent electrical insulation properties at 500°F, while silicone resin does not emit toxic gases at high temperatures, and is especially suitable for missiles and aviation that require high temperatures. This kind of silicone resin has an obvious shortcoming, which is that the mechanical properties of silicone laminated materials at room temperature are not as good as organic resin laminated materials.

Silicone resins and modified silicone resin products are widely used in national defense, military, and electrical industries due to their excellent thermal oxidation stability, electrical insulation properties, weather resistance, waterproof, salt spray resistance, mold resistance, and biocompatibility. , Leather industry, light industrial products, rubber and plastics, food hygiene and other industries, playing an irreplaceable role. Since the development of the organic silicon industry in my country in the early 1950s, great progress has been made in material properties, mechanisms and applications.

With the continuous increase in demand, as a kind of material with outstanding characteristics, silicone polymers can be modified and matched with organic resins and inorganic materials to realize the integration of structure and function. It has great application prospects in high-tech industries and cutting-edge fields. broad.

The ratio of methyl to phenyl groups in organic groups also has a great influence on the performance of silicone resins. The lower the phenyl content in the organic group, the softer the resulting paint film, the faster the condensation, the higher the phenyl content, the harder the resulting paint film, and the more thermoplastic. The phenyl content is between 20 and 60%, and the paint film has the best bending resistance and heat resistance. In addition, the introduction of phenyl groups can improve the compatibility of silicone resins with pigments, as well as the compatibility of silicone resins with other silicone resins and the adhesion of silicone resins to various substrates.

The above is the performance of silicone resin. This kind of product that can be of great use in high-tech products will receive more and more attention in the future development and gradually become a kind of hot-selling material.

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