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As long as the following symptoms appear on your skin, you need to be hydrated! Skin nourishing water is the three in one of water, lotion and essence.

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As long as the skin appears any of the following, you need water.
Desquamation is the most common symptom of skin water shortage. A lot of people think that it's only when the skin is peeling that they think it's water shortage.
In fact, peeling is a symptom of serious water shortage of the skin. The reason for peeling is that the cuticle on the face is dry and peeling off, resulting in dead skin or dandruff.
Tight, dry and itchy
Skin tightness is caused by long-term water shortage or intermittent water shortage.
If the skin cells on the face don't get enough water, the skin will be tight and itchy.
In fact, pockmarks left on the face after acne is also a symptom of skin water shortage, which is due to the imbalance of water and oil in the skin caused by water shortage.
The metabolism function of water deficient skin is poor, so it is easy to leave unsightly acne marks after acne elimination.
Dark yellow skin
Water shortage of skin will cause aging of skin cells, and new skin cells are easy to die.
The skin does not have the function of repairing, which leads to the dark yellow and opaque skin, that is, the skin we see has no luster.
Allergy, long fat granule
In the case of skin water shortage, the toxins in the skin can not be discharged, and the long-term accumulation of toxins in the skin will cause allergy.
The absorption ability of skin water shortage to skin care products will be greatly reduced. The skin can not fully absorb the nutrients in skin care products. Skin care products accumulate on the surface of the skin, and fat particles will be formed.
Gross pore
Lack of water in the skin will lead to abnormal metabolism of cutin on the face, and excessive accumulation of cutin in hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
So that the skin becomes rough, rough skin is easy to cause pore blockage, resulting in pore coarseness.
Wrinkles deepen
The main reason why the wrinkles on the face look more obvious is the lack of water.
This kind of water shortage is not only caused by low temperature, but also more easily caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.
This frequent temperature change will slowly chew off the skin's natural water barrier, resulting in deeper wrinkles.
It can be seen that skin water shortage will easily cause various skin problems, so we must remember to replenish water to the skin in time. Will make you look younger! And skin activating water is considered to be the best product to replenish moisture for skin!
About toner
Skin activating water, also known as toner, firming water and make-up water, is a multi-functional product with conditioning and cleaning functions, generally in the form of transparent liquid.
It is called "the most mobile product" in skin care products. Under its function, the skin's permeability is enhanced to prepare for the use of maintenance products.
The effect of activating Lotion
1. Replenish moisture to skin, make cuticle soft
2. Astringent the skin and regulate the oil secretion of the skin
3. Clean and restore skin surface pH value again
Ruini Weier skin activating nutrition water
A bottle of really good revitalizing water can achieve three effects of water, milk and essence.
Ruini Weier skin activating nutrition water, she is the woman's hydrating queen! More than 10 times the toner essence of herbal extract, painted out is emulsion, wipe it is water, but is actually the essence!
The nourishing water of Rui Wei Er contains a large amount of essence, which is the real water, emulsion and essence of three in one.
Main efficacy: This product contains a variety of plant extracts and a variety of moisturizing and water locking ingredients, which can effectively supplement skin moisture, enhance skin elasticity, and make skin soft and delicate.
usage method:
After cleansing, apply proper amount of this product to the face and neck and pat gently until fully absorbed. It can be carried with you to replenish and moisturize the skin in time, with better effect.
Net content: 80ml
Retail price: 195 yuan
If you're a woman
You need to use this
If you're a lazy woman
You need to use this more
Pregnant women can also use it at ease
Sensitive skin needs more
Replenish water and store water at the same time
No volatilization, no loss, you can't let go
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