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Silicone oil shampoo will not really hurt the scalp

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Silicone oil shampoo will not really hurt the scalp

● Own irritation:Silicone oil refers to organosiloxane in shampoo, such as; dimethicone, dimethiconol, etc. Organosiloxanes are chemically inert and are not easy to cause skin irritation. They are often used in shampoos and conditioners to smooth the hair and fill up damaged hair scales. At the same time, silicone oil can prevent hair from floating and messy due to static electricity. It can be said to solve many hair problems.
● Will it block hair follicles and hair loss:
First of all, the amount of silicone oil added in the shampoo is usually only about 2-5%; there will not be too much deposition in normal washing. . Of course, even if there is a small amount of residue due to its stable chemical properties, there is no data showing that it affects the growth of hair follicles, and there is no basis for affecting the ventilation of the scalp. So as long as you do basic cleaning, rinsing, and silicone oil-containing shampoo, it will not block the hair follicles and will not cause hair loss.
● Cost-effective:
Generally, silicone-free shampoos are more expensive and relatively low cost performance.
● Under what circumstances can I choose silicone-free shampoo?
1. The hair quality is good, and there is no hair scale damage caused by long-term hot dyeing.
2. The scalp is oily; or the hair volume is too small, then using a silicon-containing shampoo may (note that it is possible) to make the hair look less fluffy (of course, in this respect, the overall cleansing system of the shampoo and conditioning should be considered. The architecture of the system).
3. I don't like the "false slippery" or "difficult to flush" feeling brought by silicone oil.
Just wash your hair, relax~

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