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Weekly news collection of Southeast University (4.27-5.3)

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Online education experience of Southeast University reported by nature materials
Invited by the international famous journal Nature materials, sun Litao, Tang Yongming and Zuo Wei of Southeast University introduced the experience of online education of Chinese universities represented by Southeast University to the world under the title of "online education under the impact of the new crown epidemic".
With the development of the epidemic, in order to effectively control the spread of the virus, China has implemented a nationwide "suspension of classes", which has become an unprecedented large-scale experiment of online distance education. How to provide high-quality distance online education while fighting the epidemic has become a core concern.
In order to further understand the effectiveness of this large-scale online education, the research group conducted a statistical survey of Undergraduates in Southeast University, and received 39854 effective curriculum evaluation questionnaires. According to the feedback, about 50% of the students think that this online education can fully achieve the planned teaching objectives, and 46% of the students think that it can basically complete.
It is worth noting that most students think that in addition to maintaining the continuity of normal courses, the teachers also help them reduce the mental pressure generated during isolation and spread the positive energy to overcome the epidemic (see Figure 1).
However, the score of "can self-discipline and focus on Online Courses" is relatively low, which also means that students need to improve their self-discipline and concentration under the interference of factors such as the instability of network speed, the noise of daily life in the family environment, and the lack of professional equipment.
At the same time, the students suggest that the combination of video teaching, live teaching and more online interaction can increase students' participation, which can reduce the impact of these adverse factors to a certain extent. There are also many students suggested to use a unified teaching platform with playback function and reasonable and appropriate assignment.
In the near future, the research team expects that the wide application of 5g and artificial intelligence technology can help to break through the limitation of time and space, realize the rapid replication and transmission of information, optimize teaching resources, enrich demonstration tools and greatly improve the network speed.
Figure 1 Statistics of 39854 students' teaching evaluation questionnaires in Southeast University. a. Achievement degree of teaching objectives; B. online teaching quality score (full score of 10 for each item)
In addition to online courses, the article also introduces various possible online scientific research situations and problems. In a positive way, postgraduates can invite members of the Defense Committee more freely and save time and travel costs. The tutor can also adjust the research projects of Undergraduates in the last year according to the needs, so that they can carry out and complete smoothly at home or in other ways.
Although the novel coronavirus pneumonia has seriously affected the normal education process, universities can take advantage of this unforeseen opportunity to identify problems and deficiencies, and speed up the teaching reform and improve the quality of online teaching by updating concepts, upgrading technology, optimizing resources, improving capabilities and innovating management. At the same time, universities need to turn this emergency into an opportunity to further promote international cooperation and establish a global online education network that can share experiences, knowledge and resources with each other.
This work has also been strongly supported by the school's leadership, teachers' teaching development center, academic affairs office, scientific research institute and the relevant leaders, teachers and students of the school of Electronic Science and engineering.
This time, I was invited to introduce the experience of Southeast University, which is also the result that Southeast University has attracted more and more international attention in scientific research in recent years. Especially in the early stage of the epidemic, more than 400000 long-term use only "graphene based masks" based on the scientific research achievements of Professor Sun Litao of Southeast University were sent to Wuhan for the first time, which achieved effective protection as early as possible from the source and made certain contribution to the alleviation of the epidemic. The incident has been widely concerned and reported by international science and technology media Wiley, Xinhua, science and technology daily, China Youth Daily, learning power platform and so on. It has been widely praised by the society and is considered as a direct embodiment of science and technology to solve practical problems and serve the people.
Article link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41563-020-0678-8
Southeast University to Jiangsu disease control and anti epidemic volunteer work symposium held
On the afternoon of April 29, Southeast University went to Jiangsu disease control and anti epidemic volunteer work symposium held in Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and prevention. Ren Lijian, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Southeast University, attended the activity on behalf of the University. Wu Ming, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention of Jiangsu Province, all members of the party and government of the school of public health of Southeast University, as well as teachers and students volunteers of our university participated in the activity.
At the symposium, on behalf of Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and prevention, Wu Ming expressed sincere thanks to Southeast University for sending volunteer teachers and students to fight the epidemic together with Jiangsu disease control personnel in the critical period of fighting against the new crown epidemic in the whole province, and reviewed the long history of cooperation between Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and Southeast University in scientific research and personnel training. He expects to further deepen cooperation with Southeast University in the new round of national public health and disease control system construction, and make new contributions to healthy Jiangsu and healthy China.
On behalf of the school, Ren Lijian thanked the Jiangsu CDC for giving teachers and students of Southeast University precious opportunities to practice their skills and accelerate their growth in the major epidemic prevention and control practice that never happened in a hundred years.
Ren Lijian said that with the high development of human civilization, the demand for public health services will be even higher. He sincerely expects Jiangsu CDC and Southeast University to further expand comprehensive cooperation, learn from and give full play to the excellent resources of Jiangsu CDC in the development of public health discipline of Southeast University, and work together for the healthy China strategy.
Later, Yin Lihong, Dean of the school of public health of Southeast University, presented the anti epidemic essays of teachers and students to Jiangsu CDC - "the day when I was in Jiangsu Province to fight against the new crown epidemic"; Wu Ming issued the honorary certificate of "outstanding volunteer to fight against the new crown epidemic" to 22 East master students volunteers, and presented the letter of thanks, certificate of thanks and banner to Southeast University.
It is reported that the southeast university volunteer service team for Disease Control and anti epidemic in Jiangsu Province was dispatched in four batches, consisting of five teachers and 17 master's and doctors. It is mainly engaged in the sorting out of flow dispatching report, flow dispatching coordination management, epidemic data analysis, anti new crown vaccine research and development, sukangcode background management, health consultation telephone duty, etc. The first group of volunteers came to work on January 28. The total volunteer service time has exceeded 90 days. So far, there are still 1 teacher and 4 graduate students on duty.
Lecture hall of Nanjing Association for science and technology and the first lecture of mass entrepreneurship and innovation series training course of national science and Technology Park of Southeast University held Online
Recently, the 5th Lecture Hall of Nanjing Association for science and Technology (847 in total) in 2020 and the first lecture of entrepreneurship and innovation series training course of national science and Technology Park of Southeast University were successfully held on the online platform.
The theme of the lecture is "cultivating innovative thinking and practicing innovative practice - how to grasp opportunities for entrepreneurs in the new era". Professor Ren Zuping, assistant president and director of general affairs department of Southeast University, Jia Fang, general manager of Dongda science and Technology Park, Li Kechuan, Qiu Weidong and Yang Xiaohui, deputy general managers, were invited to attend the lecture. Nearly 1200 people, including undergraduates, postgraduates, students of Chengxian college, enterprise leaders of Dongda science and Technology Park, members of science and Technology Street Association of Zhujiang Road, Nanjing, watched the live broadcast of the lecture online.
In the keynote lecture, Ren Zuping shared his understanding of entrepreneurship and comprehensively analyzed every link in the process of entrepreneurship. With wisdom and skills accumulated through years of experience, he told us that entrepreneurship is a kind of practice, which requires not only the ability to seize opportunities, but also the rich knowledge reserve of continuous learning and honing. He also mentioned that when How to find innovative inspiration and grasp the opportunity of entrepreneurship under the pre epidemic situation.
He hoped that students and entrepreneurs should have a forward-looking vision, be down-to-earth, not afraid of setbacks and unremitting pursuit, so that entrepreneurship can be integrated into study, work and life, not only laying a good foundation for personal career development, realizing personal ideals, but also contributing more positive forces to the modernization construction and the rejuvenation and take-off of the country and the nation.
In the online live room, students had a heated discussion about the topic of the lecture. In the interactive part of questions, Ren Zuping answered the questions about how to encourage innovation in the operation of enterprises, the promotion mechanism of innovation achievement transformation, the balance of gains and losses in the process of entrepreneurship, how to correctly understand the needs of the times, intellectual property protection and so on. The witty and practical answers kept the discussion atmosphere soaring, and the students said that they had benefited a lot.
As the first mass entrepreneurship and innovation training course of Dongda science and Technology Park, this lecture has received a warm response. As an important part of the school innovation and entrepreneurship education ecosystem, Dongda science and technology park will continue to play its own advantages, build a domestic influential innovation and entrepreneurship course training system with Dongda characteristics, and strive to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, awareness, knowledge, ability and skill education Full coverage.
Southeast University Affiliated Zhongda Hospital and other units and individuals
Won the May 1st Labor award of Jiangsu Province, the pioneer of Jiangsu workers and other honorary titles
On April 26, the Federation of trade unions of Jiangsu Province commended a number of outstanding collectives and individuals. The affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University won the May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province, Yang Yi, the Department of critical medicine of affiliated Zhongda Hospital, won the May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province, and the "new crown anti epidemic" emergency design and research team of the architectural design and Research Institute of Southeast University Co., Ltd. won the pioneer number of workers in Jiangsu Province.
CUHK affiliated to Southeast University has made outstanding contributions to various public health emergencies in China and Jiangsu Province. In 2020 novel coronavirus infection prevention and treatment of pneumonia, as one of the first designated hospitals in Nanjing, with scientific management and strict training to ensure zero infection in hospitals, and eight batch of medical staff rushed to Hubei and Nanjing second hospital Tangshan Branch, many medical personnel joined the line of anti epidemic, and played an important role in winning the war without smoke. effect.
Yang Yi, chief physician of the Department of critical medicine of the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, has played an important role in the emergency of various public health events such as the state and Jiangsu Province. In the novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment, novel coronavirus pneumonia, deputy head of the medical treatment expert group of Jiangsu Health Protection Committee and head of the critical care medicine team, have been running around Jiangsu to guide the treatment of critical patients. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been established by the team to establish a strict remote consultation process to ensure maximum effective protection for everyone. She also participated in the global war epidemic through remote video conferencing. He went to Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province in April 14th to guide the treatment of the new severe pneumonia.
The emergency design and research team of "Xinguan anti epidemic" of architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Southeast University was appointed to be responsible for the engineering design of the emergency ward of Nanjing public health medical center. It created a wartime speed of "one night, 24-hour finalization, and three-day drawing". It remained on the front line of the construction site for 14 days, reproducing the scene of the rescue design of the struggling Wenchuan earthquake. At the same time, the team also undertook the feasibility study of "temporary medical center for gymnasium emergency reconstruction" of Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development and led the preparation of "design guide", from feasibility study to

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