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Jiangsu traffic control signed a strategic cooperation agreement with this two first-class university

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On April 30, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Jiangsu traffic control and Transportation College of Southeast University was held in maintenance technology company. Chen Yuming, member of the Party committee of Jiangsu traffic control, vice general manager, President of the University of traffic control and Chen Jun, Dean of the school of communications of Southeast University delivered speeches and signed a contract on behalf of both parties. Representatives from Transportation College of Southeast University, Jiangsu traffic control human resources department, maintenance technology company and Jiangsu traffic control university attended the signing ceremony. In his speech, Chen Jun said that the Transportation College of Southeast University is an important research base and talent training base for teaching and research in the field of transportation in China. It has undertaken more than 300 national scientific research projects and won 14 national science and technology progress awards. The first level discipline of transportation engineering of the college was selected as one of the national "first-class" construction disciplines. As a leading enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu traffic control plays an irreplaceable role in the construction and development of Jiangsu comprehensive transportation system. Jiangsu traffic control's expressway operation and management level, road and bridge maintenance level has long maintained the national leading position. The strategic cooperation between the two sides is conducive to the joint efforts of the strong and the strong to create the future, focusing on the development needs of the transportation industry, carrying out in-depth cooperation in the fields of industry university research integration, highway operation, road and bridge maintenance, intelligent transportation construction, integrated transportation big data application, and promoting win-win development.
In his speech, Chen Yuming expressed his gratitude to the school of transportation of Southeast University for its long-term support to Jiangsu traffic control in the scientific and technological innovation of expressway management and maintenance. He pointed out that Jiangsu traffic control plays the role of main channel of investment and financing in Jiangsu's key transportation infrastructure construction projects. Since the 13th five year plan, the scale and benefit of Jiangsu traffic control have always been at the leading level of peers and provincial enterprises in the country. During the "14th five year plan" period, Jiangsu traffic control will build a trillion comprehensive transportation industry group with international influence and domestic leading position, with its core relying on science and technology and talents. Strategic cooperation with Transportation College of Southeast University is conducive to complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win development. Closely focusing on the "construction of the leading area of transportation power" in Jiangsu Province, the development needs of transportation industry and the construction needs of transportation talent team, it is necessary to promote the construction of intelligent transportation, the training of transportation talents, the transformation and upgrading of highway maintenance, and the integration of production, education and research In terms of development, we should carry out in-depth cooperation, promote the organic connection of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, jointly promote the construction and innovative development of Jiangsu's comprehensive transportation system, and make new contributions to the implementation of the strategy of serving the transportation power.
The signing of this strategic agreement marks that Jiangsu traffic control has taken another solid step in the integration of industry and education to help the development of enterprises, and provides scientific and technological engine and intellectual support for building a world-class demonstration enterprise with high quality. It has created favorable conditions for building a "Soviet style maintenance" brand and a smart high-speed operation brand with high standards. It has injected a strong impetus for CCCU to promote the development of cooperative education and integration of industry, University and research, and to build a modern enterprise university with "international vision and domestic first-class".
Contributed by Jiangsu traffic control University and maintenance technology company
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